How to Get a Smoky Eye


How to Get a Smoky Eye

Add haze to your gaze by mastering
the ultimate smoky eye look.

Step 1
Apply lightest shade of Eyeshadow Quad in Urban Skyline all over eyelids.

Step 2
Apply medium shade of Eyeshadow Quad in Urban Skyline at outer corners and underneath lower lash lines.

Step 3
Brush darkest shade of Eyeshadow Quad in Urban Skyline over medium shade.

Step 4
Trace Eye Liner in Blackest Night along upper and lower lash lines.

Step 5
Apply Mascara in Blackest Black.




5 Best Makeup Tutorials by Kelsey Deenihan

Kelsey Deenihan is a celebrity makeup artist whose talent has attracted clientele including Cindy CrawfordKate Bosworth, Millie Bobby BrownDiane KrugerLaura DernReese WitherspoonVanessa Hudgens and Lucy Hale.
Watch her tutorials to master popular makeup looks and exude some star power of your own.

5 Best Makeup Tutorials

Become an Avon Representative

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Become an Avon Representative


Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to help a cause? Do you love looking and feeling beauty inside and out? Well, Avon is the company for you!  You determine the hours that you want to work! You will be working with a company that is partner with American Cancer Society!  You will use and sell products that make your skin look and feel gorgeous. By the way, we sell men products too!


“Part-time or full-time, in sweats or stilettos, sell Avon anytime, anywhere — online and in-person. Sign up for just $30, pick your free gift, and get 40% off your first order. Then earn up to 40% on everything you sell.”

Beauty, Backed
by Brains

“When it comes to building your business, we’re here to help open the door to new opportunities. You’ll get first dibs on new launches, a personal Avon advisor, and the chance to go on amazing trips. You want in on this!”


“We are inspired by our community of passionate women. The Avon Nation is all about celebrating each other and our achievements in business and in life, inviting others to join us, and committing to be a force for good.”


To get started:


1. Tell us who you are. We just need a few details like your name and email address.

2. Sign up for $30. Pick your gift and try our amazing products.

3. Once you fall in love with your faves, text your online store link to friends and start earning!

Sign Up For $30, Pick Your Gift, and Start Earning!


Make Beauty Your Business. Get a FREE gift of our best sellers valued at $80 when you sign up today for only $30.

Business Opportunity: LiveKAYA Partner

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LiveKAYA Partner


Do you want an opportunity to increase your income by sharing premium products with people who love great chocolate and want to feel better.

LiveKAYA combines the world’s finest artisanal dark chocolate with robust support for your body from the inside out.

Hemp is the key crop cultivated for over 8,000 years and used for rope, textiles, paper, medicine and more.

When you add these two together, you get the perfect match.

It costs only $24.95 to become a Brand Partner and then you’re set up to take this business as far as you want.

Sign up as a Brand Partner, then buy a box of chocolate* (or two) for yourself. As you use the product every day, you’ll get to know how CBD chocolate feels in your body, learn how much to take, and experience the difference it makes in your own life over time.


Give people chocolate to taste! Details about commissions and bonuses don’t matter at this point (unless they ask). Nothing is more effective than letting people taste the chocolate and experience how LiveKAYA feels first hand.


Decide if you want one, two, or three boxes every month for you and your family—and, if you wish, to use as samples to share with new people. Make sure you qualify* to get paid sales commissions no matter how busy life gets by putting your monthly order on autoship.

Invite others to order a box of chocolate so they can experience LiveKAYA too.

*To get paid, at least one box (55 PV) must be ordered through your website each month, either by you or by a retail customer.

KAYA Infusion

Kaya Infusion


Classic KAYA

Classic Kaya

KAYA Probiotic

Kaya Probiotic



Beauty: Wild Growth Oil for men and women

Wild Growth Oil

Let’s face it ladies and gentlemen, hair can make or break the look that you want to present.  Hair thinness happens to men as well as women.  Wild Growth Oil and Wild Growth light oil is a hair regrowth treatment that nourishes the scalp and hair.  It promotes strong, thick hair for all types of hair, and it is not expensive, but very effective. This oil has all-natural ingredient with Olive Oil, coconut oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin D, Choline, Inositol, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Calcium.

Wild Growth oil


Wild-Growth-Oil__75667.1523284174.1280.1280 (1)


Wild Growth Light Oil Moisture


Beauty: Avon Banishing Cream/Skin Discoloration Improver

Avon Banishing Cream/Skin Discoloration Improver

If you have dark spots or discoloration on your skin, try Avon Banishing Cream. “The Banishing Cream Skin Discoloration Improver is a nourishing cream that gradually evens skin tone by helping to reduce the appearance of unwanted dark spots and discolorations. 2.5 fl. oz.”

Original price $10.00

Sale price $4.33

(3 for $13.00)


• Moisturizes skin
• Suitable for sensitive skin
• Non-greasy
• Quickly absorbed
• Dermatologist-tested

How to Beauty Tips: Easy Crochet Hair

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Urban Beauty’s Queen B braiding hair is the best braiding hair you’ll ever use! It’s the preferred braiding hair by professional braiders around the world. Why? Unlike other brands, Queen B is Ready to Use right out the pack! No more time wasted prepping the hair for installation!

Queen B is made from 100% Kanekalon hair and comes pre-stretched, pre-feathered, and available in 30 amazing colors! Queen B not only looks and feels great, it saves you time!

  • Pre-Stretched
  • Pre-Pulled
  • Ready to Use
  • Remy Texture
  • Hot Water Curl
  • No Tangling
  • Lightweight
  • 30″ – When folded


Crochet Needle

African American Entrepreneurs (Great Opportunity)

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Beauty Supply Store Online

A 2018 Nielsen report illustrated that African American spent nearly $54 million on ethnic hair and beauty products in 2017.

Stylist Solutions is a wholesale supplier that is giving you an opportunity to have your own online Beauty Supply Store free for 60 days. After the free 60 days trial, you can sign up for the $9.99 monthly plan or the $49.99 monthly plan. or you can let the free trial expire. They will give you training on how this business works!

Please don’t let this great opportunity pass by.    You  don’t have to buy from someone else store when you can buy from your own.

From Stylist Solution

“Stylist Solutions is Wholesale Supplier servicing all Beauty Professionals and Beauty Supply Stores. Over 400 brands of hair care products, styling tools, hair extensions, and accessories! Same Day shipping on in-stock items, Drop Shipping Services and Complete E-Commerce Solutions.”

Customers will order from your online store and Stylist Solutions will send them the products.  You do not carry any inventory!

To find out more about this company:

Go to Better business bureau and look up “Stylist Solutions” in Doraville, GA.

This is a great opportunity for Entrepreneurs, Beauticians, and Barbers.  You can’t beat FREE.

This is my online beauty store:

For your free trial, click the link and add the referral coupon.  You do not need a credit card to join and receive your website.

Referral link:

Referral coupon code: CON16432vRr8





Looking for a job or career?

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Job Hunting

Looking for a job or career?  There are a lot of jobs available, but some job seekers read only the job title and apply for the job.  Do not use the same resume for every job that you apply for. Check your resume to ensure that you are a good fit for the position that you are applying for by reading the job description to find out what the company is looking for.     Go to: In the box “Search Millions of Jobs,” enter a job title, and hit search and this will take you to another page where you will place the “State” that you want to work in. Find the perfect job for you!

Avon (Campaign 16) A Bold Lip

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A Bold Lip


Semi-Annual Sale

Every two weeks Avon sends out a new book/brochure and every two weeks they have fantastic sales.  Even though Avon carries a lot of products for women, they also have fantastic sales on men cologne, deodorant, after shave conditioner, hair and body wash.

The Bold Lip inspires a bold life

Avon is introducing a 2-in-1 Lip Tattoo. Regular price $12.00, Sales price $8.99

Orders over $40.00 will have free shipping.

If your order is less than $40.00, ask a friend to place an order with you to get free shipping.

Products will ship within 3 days. (one-time use) promo code WELCOME10 to get an extra 10% off that first order.

Look beautiful every day at work or play with affordable prices!

Avon (Campaign 16)

c16-brochure-mega-1 (1)