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 Do you want to shop in USA but the seller does not ship outside of the USA?

USGOBUY will ship packages to you

USGOBUY provides you a US mail address; Make your US online shopping extremely easy! We are a forwarding company. We serve people who want shopping in USA but the seller does not ship outside of the USA or the shipping fee is too expensive to accept. It is a kind of parcel forwarding service and now we are one of the most trusted and reputable.

package forwarding!

US shipping address!

shipping worldwide with low price!

worldwide shipping service!


US international mail forwarding service

1.Sign up to get your free U.S. address.

USGobuy - qualified shipping forwarder

2.Ship your packages to our warehouse.

Mail forwarding USA

3.Submit your shipping order.

International parcel service USA

4.We repack and ship your packages to you.


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