Blogging is a way to write about something that you are passionate about and you can share information that can help others.  I provide great jobs opportunities with great benefits to the public and I share my blog using a website that I created on WordPress.


 WORDPRESS The Features and Flexibility to Build Your Audience or Customer Base

No matter whether you want to earn money from your blog or build a website to promote your business and reach your customers, has got you covered:

Here’s why is the best place to create your website or blog:

WordPress powers over 27% of the web, so your site joins the ranks of big names like The New York Times, CNN, and much more.

Get a custom domain name to claim your special address on the web.

Choose from among free and premium themes to create the perfect look for your site.


 JETPACK Grow and Secure your WordPress Site
Jetpack combines the most popular features of into a super-powered plugin for your self-hosted WordPress site:

Automated site backups, easy restores, and site migrations

Security scanning and automated fixes

Search engine optimization tools

Earn revenue with a high-quality ad program

High speed and ad-free content delivery network

Support from a global team of WordPress experts.

Check out plans and pricing and sign up for Jetpack today.


WooCommerce  Powerful new features, services, and extensions for your online store.

Compatible with all add-ons: Woo Commerce is compatible with all of AffiliateWP’s official pro add-ons and free add-ons.

Affiliate coupon tracking: AffiliateWP supports affiliate coupon tracking using Woo Commerce’s own Coupons feature, so affiliates can share discount codes allocated to them or use coupon codes to promote your site.

Subscriptions and Recurring Referrals: Use WooCommerce Subscriptions with AffiliateWP’s Recurring Referrals pro add-on to award affiliates with commissions on recurring payments.

Reject refunded referrals: AffiliateWP includes an option that can be enabled to automatically reject unpaid affiliate referrals if an order is refunded.

Set per-product rates: Set per-product referral rates if you wish to offer higher or lower commission rates on a per-product basis.

Disable specific products: AffiliateWP also allows you to disable specific products from generating referrals.

This post has been sponsored by WordPress, Jetpack, Woocommerce, but all opinions in the blog above are my own.



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