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About the product
  • PUT STRETCH MARKS ON NOTICE: Now you can show off your new fitness routine thanks to Vitamins C&E and nature made antioxidants to help fade such scars.
  • YOU CAN EXPERIENCE A FIRMER PHYSIQUE: Green tea, seaweed and plant-based Gotu Kola extracts can help fight skin sagging for a tighter body.
  • MADE FOR PESKY PROBLEM AREAS: No need to hide your hips, thighs, stomach, or anywhere else for that matter because this topical gel targets those areas.
  • NATURE-BASED BODY FIRMING GEL: Harsh treatments or potential toxins have no place in a health regimen, so we’ve made our main ingredients out of natural extracts.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you’re not satisfied with the results of this purchase, contact us within 30 days for a refund.


Product description

Combatting those stubborn areas that a change in diet and fitness just won’t fix is the reason that Vanna Belt created Gel-V,
infusing both her own passion for health and wellness and the belief that there are natural solutions to weight management.

Vanna Belt Gel-V
Getting to your current level of health has no doubt taken time and effort both in the gym and with your meals. Get some backup
with this body firming gel that can make the appearance of sagging skin and all of its stretch marks a thing of the past. Green tea,
Seaweed, Gotu Kola, Vitamins C&E can help to infuse the skin with everything it needs to help brighten and tighten while menthol
and camphor are included to both cool and revitalize the skin.

Commitment to Nature-Made Ingredients
The main ingredients include some of the most popular extracts out there, including Green Tea and Gotu Kola. They’re a fan favorite
because they can really work to help produce tighter skin and a faded appearance of stretch marks and scars. No chemicals or surgical
suggestions are found in this treatment plan, and we’re proud of it!

Get the Best Results
A little goes a long way with this topical gel, with only a tablespoon needed for your entire midsection or half a tablespoon for arms,
glutes and thighs. On exfoliated and clean skin, pre and post workout, massage the amount into the chosen area(s) in a circular motion,
applying vigorous pressure until fully absorbed.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
This body firming gel was made to work wonders, so if you’re unsatisfied, please contact us. Hygienic and safety issues prevent us from
refunds or exchanges, but we will work to fix your issue.



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