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Professional Attire

Wearing beautiful jewelry should not be expensive.  You can look beautiful and professional with the right jewelry, but only you know what is right for you.  Paparazzi Accessories have beautiful jewelry!

As an Independent Paparazzi Consultant ID# 243490, I have a website that has fabulous necklace sets, rings, earrings, bracelets, and hair accessories for $5.00 and an exclusive Z Collection necklace sets for $25.00. Rings, bracelets,and hair accessories for little princesses are $1.00 each, Urban jewelry is also available. So, if you want to look pretty every day in the $5.00 jewelry or look gorgeous at an event in the Z Collection, Paparazzi Accessories has it for you. The Z Collection can be worn to a church, banquet, prom, beauty pageant or wedding. You decide how and when to wear your jewelry! You can also mix and match the jewelry. To shop online, Click login and create a customer account. Have fun shopping in the privacy of your home and go out and wear your beautiful jewelry!

Fabulous $5.00 Jewelry

Moonlit Marigold – Pink ring


Dynamite Dazzle – Pink Necklace set



Definitely Dashing – Pink bracelet




Disclosure:  Independent Paparazzi Consultant ID#243490/


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