Gorgeous $5 Rings and Bracelets

Gorgeous $5 Rings

Paparazzi Accessories

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Picture of Twinkling Tiaras - Brass

Twinkling Tiaras – Brass


Picture of Island Haven - Copper

`Island Haven – Copper

Picture of Pearl Posh - Copper

Pearl Posh – Copper


Picture of Castle Chic - Pink

Castle Chic – Pink


Picture of Pampered In Pearls - Purple

Pampered In Pearls – Purple`


Picture of Trending Treasure - Red

Trending Treasure – Red


Picture of Stacks On Stacks On Stacks - White

`Stacks On Stacks On Stacks – White

Picture of Not So Novice - Green

Not So Novice – Green


Gorgeous $5 Bracelets

Picture of Boss of Boho - Copper

`Boss of Boho – Copper


Picture of Metal Manic - Rose Gold

Boss of Boho – Copper

Picture of Rebel Radiance - Blue

Rebel Radiance – Blue

Picture of Wham Bam Glam - Brown

Wham Bam Glam – Brown

Picture of Catwalk Craze - Red

`Catwalk Craze – Red


Picture of Rock Star Attitude - Red

Rock Star Attitude – Red


Picture of Classic Confidence - Brown

Classic Confidence – Brown


Picture of Top-Class Class - White

Top-Class Class – White`


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