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Smith Recruiting Service connects with great companies to bring excellent jobs to the public.  These are not your “run of the mill” positions, these are high-quality positions with great benefits.  These great job opportunities come from some of the best fortune 500 companies.  Veterans, Military Spouses, and Civilians can apply.  Smith Recruiting Service also provides information about employee benefits. I have had a lot of fantastic jobs, but out of all the jobs that I have had, human resource is my passion.  I worked several years in human resources and I got an opportunity to meet a lot of people and hear how happy and excited they were to find a great paying job with benefits.  As an Employment Recruiter, I have access to so many great jobs and I want to share this information. When you find your passion in work, it will no longer be a job, it will become what you were created to do! I want you to apply for these fantastic jobs and find your passion. Find the perfect job for you!


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