Employee’s Benefit: EEO Complaint Process

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The EEO Complaint Process for Federal Employees

The EEO complaint process has two parts; informal or pre-complaint stage followed by the formal complaint stage. Every complaint of discrimination begins with an event.  An unkind word was spoken, a promotion was denied or an opportunity sought, but given to another. From the event and the reaction to the event, a person may believe that he/she was discriminated against.

If an employee believes that he/she has been discriminated against, a complaint needs to be filed.  The employee has 45 days to make contact with an EEO Counselor and state his or her intent to file a pre-complaint.

The Counselor has 30 days to conduct an inquiry and try to facilitate a resolution of the matter.  If a solution is not achieved, the counselor will hold one final interview with the employee and give him or her a Notice of Right to file a Formal Complaint of Discrimination.

Know Your Rights: Easy Employment Law for Employees

If you are not a federal employee, please get with your state EEO Counselor for the rules.


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