There are so many different careers to choose from.  There are doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, engineers, administrators, cashiers, firemen, military personnel, entrepreneurs, etc.  Did you select your career?  Did your career select you?  Some people are exposed early in life to what they want to do and some find their passion in their golden years.  Whatever the reason, we want to dress for our profession!  Some companies require employees to wear professional business attire or casual business attire, and some require employees to wear uniforms. We want to follow the company’s dress code policy and we want to ensure that our image represents who we are and represent the company’s brand.   So, let’s look good while we do our work with excellence!   Dress for success because you never know who is watching you.  Your promotion could be a closet away!    What’s in your closet?

DISCLAIMER:  This post contains links to affiliate websites and when someone makes a purchase from the retailer, I may earn a commission from the retailer.


ClothingStylewe is an online store that has high quality and exclusive fashion from designers.  They have designer dresses, suits,  bags, and shoes for professional business attire!


FashionMia is an online store that has modern, irresistible, and affordable dresses, suits, bags, and accessories for professional and casual business attire!


ERICDress online store specializes in custom designed fashion clothing and accessories with affordable prices for professional and casual business attire!

ERICDRESS (Wedding ApparelERICDRESS has a variety of dresses for special events; Wedding dresses,  Banquet, Prom dress, Homecoming dresses etc…


Warby Parker’ Glasses 

Warby Parker’ glasses are cool, stylish, and classy. They have a program called  Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program.   For every pair sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

Warby Parker’s “Home Try-On” 

They have the “Home Try-On”  program.  You select 5 frames to test out for 5 days and they will ship them to you free!

Tafford Uniforms 

Tafford is an online retailer that sell nursing uniforms and accessories directly to healthcare professionals.  They have scrubs, scrub tops, and nursing uniforms that come in a variety of fabrics, designs, and sizes.


MenUSA INC  is one of the largest outlets in the country. They carry the worlds most famous brands of suits, shirts shoes, etc.  They also carry women’s suits.


Mensitaly is an online retailer that carries modern fit suit that cut closely to the body for a sharp and fitted look.


Amazon is an online store with a selection of apparel, shoes, accessories, computers, electronics, videos, and books etc…











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