What is the benefit of CBD

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LiveKaya CBD

In Dec, 2018, President Trump signed the farm act legalizing hemp. “Hemp is a keystone crop cultivated for over 8,000 years and used for rope, textiles, paper, medicine and more. It’s also a natural source of cannabinoids, compounds that play a key role in helping our body’s systems stay in harmony.”

What is CBD good for?  There is evidence that suggests that CBD may help treat conditions such as:

Chronic pain

Some claim it can soothe pain, anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

The legal amount of THC that can be in CBD is 0.3%.  CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that has become popular.  It is  popular because you can get beneficial cannabinoids into your system that can help your body function, without becoming intoxicated. CBD does not get you high.

CBD can be found in everything from moisturizers, gummies, massage oils, and dog treats.

LiveKAYA combines the world’s finest dark chocolate with organically-grown hemp oil.

LiveKAYA Hemp CBD Oil Infusions, in either full-spectrum chocolate or isolate versions, deliver lab-tested quality and pure organic wholeness in every drop.

Kaya Infusion pet 500 mg full spectrum

Our lower concentration full spectrum Infusion is designed for pets, but ideal for their humans too! 500mg Full Spectrum Unflavored Hemp Oil

Kaya Infusion

Kaya Probiotic

KayaPRO+ combines our 70% dark chocolate with robust immune and digestive support. Sold in boxes of 30 pieces.

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From Buyer to Business owner

This is an interesting story about “black women shifting from being buyers to becoming business owners” in the beauty supply industries.

By Kesi  Felton

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A 2018 Nielsen report illustrated that African American spent nearly $54 million on ethnic hair and beauty products in 2017.

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Selling beauty product is a big business.  As a matter of fact, it is a billion dollar business.  If you are in the salon business, barber business, makeup artist or an entrepreneur, this is for you! You already have the greatest customers and you do not have to carry any products.  Your customers can order from your site and the company will ship the products to your customers.  The opportunity video is listed below!



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As an entrepreneur, I continue to look for great jobs and products to bring to the public.  Whether you are at work or play, looking good makes you feel good.  I bring great brands with affordable prices that you can buy online.

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