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This company has been around for years and the products are great! They offer discounts and sales every two weeks which is called a campaign.  We are currently on campaign 19!  Look through the digital book/brochure.  When you buy from Avon, you are helping a cause.  You are part of contributing to helping with breast cancer.  Avon is partner with American Breast Cancer Society.  “Both Avon and the American Cancer Society are leaders in the fight against breast cancer.”

Free shipping on any order of $25 or more. Coupon code is required, use code: FABULOUS. Expires 11:59 pm PT on 08/27/19.

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Avon Mission

To celebrate women’s power to make a beautiful and positive impact in the world.


Avon (Campaign 19) Aug 21- Sept 23


Make Up,  Body Care, and Hair Care!

Campaign 19

Brochure for Aug 21 – Sept 3


What is your superpower? Fill in the blank; I am ___________________.



Campaign 19 Book/Brochure


Campaign 19-20  (Outlet)


PRODUCT – Mattitude Liquid Lipstick

 This liquid matte lipstick is long lasting with a weightless wash of high-impact, super-saturated color. The Vitamin E and poppy seed oil nourish and smooth so the formula won’t dry out your lips…it is SUPER comfortable.  There are 8 intense shades suitable for all skin tones. This is for anyone looking for highly saturated color or a matte finish with a zero-weight, soft-touch feel. It’s paraben-, sulfate- and phthalate-free!

How to order?  Mattitude Liquid Lipstick is featured On page 5 of the Campaign 19 book.  You will see the 8 color selections at a cost of only $8.99 each.


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To celebrate women’s power to make a beautiful and positive impact in the world.

Disclaimer:  I am an Avon Representative.

Beauty: Wild Growth Oil for men and women

Wild Growth Oil

Let’s face it ladies and gentlemen, hair can make or break the look that you want to present.  Hair thinness happens to men as well as women.  Wild Growth Oil and Wild Growth light oil is a hair regrowth treatment that nourishes the scalp and hair.  It promotes strong, thick hair for all types of hair, and it is not expensive, but very effective. This oil has all-natural ingredient with Olive Oil, coconut oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin D, Choline, Inositol, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Calcium.

Wild Growth oil


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Wild Growth Light Oil Moisture


African American Entrepreneurs (Great Opportunity)

Smith Recruiting  Service/ Jobs, Jewelry, Health, and Beauty.

Beauty Supply Store Online

A 2018 Nielsen report illustrated that African American spent nearly $54 million on ethnic hair and beauty products in 2017.

Stylist Solutions is a wholesale supplier that is giving you an opportunity to have your own online Beauty Supply Store free for 60 days. After the free 60 days trial, you can sign up for the $9.99 monthly plan or the $49.99 monthly plan. or you can let the free trial expire. They will give you training on how this business works!

Please don’t let this great opportunity pass by.    You  don’t have to buy from someone else store when you can buy from your own.

From Stylist Solution

“Stylist Solutions is Wholesale Supplier servicing all Beauty Professionals and Beauty Supply Stores. Over 400 brands of hair care products, styling tools, hair extensions, and accessories! Same Day shipping on in-stock items, Drop Shipping Services and Complete E-Commerce Solutions.”

Customers will order from your online store and Stylist Solutions will send them the products.  You do not carry any inventory!

To find out more about this company:

Go to Better business bureau and look up “Stylist Solutions” in Doraville, GA.


This is a great opportunity for Entrepreneurs, Beauticians, and Barbers.  You can’t beat FREE.

This is my online beauty store:


For your free trial, click the link and add the referral coupon.  You do not need a credit card to join and receive your website.

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