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 Smith Beauty Supply

Great Hair care products

Twist, Braids, extensions, perms, shampoo, conditioner moisturizers and more!

Smith Beauty Supply

Paparazzi Accessories

Consultant #243490

Fabulous, Fun, and Beautiful $5.00 Jewelry

New jewelry added daily!

paparazzi-consultant-logo-150Consultant #243490


Consultant #243490


Make up,  Body Care, and hair care!

Brochure for July 10- July 23

A Bold Lip 2-In-1 Lip Tattoo

ship to you home within 3 days

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Chocolate CBD for human and pets

Alternative way to good health!

Kaya Infusion

Kaya Probiotic


Losing weight and keeping it off!

Drink the shakes and lose the weight!

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